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In Canada, like in many parts of the world, we live in a digital era where the use of electronic devices and computers continues to grow year after year. In both personal and professional aspects, electronic devices and computer equipment are present everywhere. These devices contain substances that are particularly harmful to the environment and contain valuable materials that must be recycled responsibly.

After a disaster, Infotronix puts a lot of effort into restoration and the reuse of devices affected by the disaster. This includes the restoration of assets to their condition prior to the disaster and giving them a second life. This reuse of devices has a major positive impact on the environment, even more so than recycling. Although recycling is very important, it still requires a lot of handling, energy and products to be able to manufacture a new device using recycled materials.

In the event that the devices cannot be restored, Infotronix takes care of the collection and management of these devices. We are custodians of the recycling program for electronic products.

All devices that cannot be restored are sent to recycling plan

As a result, 100 % of the devices received at our workshop are deterred from landfills and non-responsible discharge. By doing this, we contribute to protecting our environment.

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