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Who are we?
Since 1994, Infotronix has been offering a full range of restoration services for after disasters. We work with all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional electronic devices, computers and appliances.

We work primarily with Quebec’s leading after disaster restoration companies, claims experts and insurance companies.

Our mandate is to assess and restore devices that have been damaged by a disaster. We collaborate with insurance companies and claims experts to assess the condition of your damaged devices. We restore these devices according to the established electronic and computer repair standards.
When restoration of your devices is not possible, we work with reliable companies in order to replace your existing devices.

We are professional, efficient and quick when it comes to managing major IT disasters. We quickly intervene in situations that require an IT expert on site and if necessary, we develop plans to relaunch the business.

Regarding the prevention component, we offer a preventative maintenance service that aims to reduce the likelihood of a system failure or degradation. This will increase the efficiency and optimization of your company’s production.


Restore and increase the lifespan of electronic devices, computers and industrial equipment using the most advanced techniques and technologies, achieving a very high customer satisfaction rate while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Client Satisfaction
Since 1994, we have been listening to your needs. Since the beginning, your valuable feedback has motivated our team to surpass itself by strengthening its know-how and technical skills to offer you exemplary service. We pride ourselves on always being able to provide a reliable and consistent service, even if disasters are unpredictable and highly variable events.

Respecting the environement
We are proud to give devices a second life and recycle 100% of the electronic and computer devices we receive at our workshops. As an official custodian of electronic and computer devices, all non-restorable products received at our workshops are redirected to recycling firms who in turn breakdown these devices into raw materials such as metals, plastic and glass. This raw material is then used to make new products. We work closely with these recycling firms to divert these precious materials from landfills. We continuously improve our working techniques and our equipment to increase the rate of restoration and the positive impact on the environment.

Transparency is at the heart of our business. The application of this principle is shared among all members of our management team, our different departments and our staff. This social responsibility is also shared with our partner clients, and it is a value that helps facilitate the work between each player and ensures the fluidity of operations and the quality of service provided.

Team Spirit
The collaboration with our clients and partners ensures we provide quick delivery and quality execution. Our clients and partners are treated with respect, diplomacy, and modesty. Our personnel work in a healthy environment. An environment that contributes to the exceptional quality of work we offer.

Infotronix is dedicated to constantly training its teams in order to continuously improve their techniques and technology in order to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of or our clients and partners, and offer them quality service.

Since the founding of Infotronix in September 1994, we have built a strong reputation for ourselves. We are recognized as leaders in the industry and have become the reference for disaster recovery of electronic devices and computers.

  1. The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic hits Quebec very hard. We immediately put in place new procedures to adapt to this new reality.  Our technicians have received rigorous training on the new safety measures that must be applied. They are equipped with personal protective gear and disinfectant in order to respond to emergencies and to continue to serve our clients in accordance with the new public health guidelines. Infotronix was congratulated by Public Health personnel for enforcing the new procedures and continuing its operations safely.

  2. Change in administration. Our philosophy of offering you quick and efficient service continues to evolve in the same direction. Our clients are just as satisfied with our assistance. We are even more committed to our efforts in innovation and protection of the environment.

  3. During the flooding in April 2019, Infotronix was there for you.

  4. We offer insurance companies replacement assessments for devices that are presumed total losses.

  5. Activities moved to Saint-Léonard. 7,450 square feet, even more square footage for storage and after disaster restoration.

  6. Aware of the growing needs of some establishments, we expand our services to include experts in industrial electronic devices and in medical care, as well as including the evaluations and repairs of home appliances.

  7. Activities moved to Montreal-North. A space of 3,920 square feet allows for storage and after disaster restoration.

  8. Major water damage in the Montreal region. We work hard to quickly resolve the victims’ cases.

  9. Move to Montréal, on Villeray street.

  10. We gain a greater part of the market in the industry. Infotronix becomes an official supplier to some of the largest insurance companies: Allstate Canada, Aviva Canada, RSA, Intact Insurance, Belair direct, etc.

  11. We expand our space even more! Move to Saint-Léonard, in a larger industrial space.

  12. Signature of our first contract with Transport Quebec, renewable for 7 years.

  13. The ice storm. The whole team works day and night for several weeks.

  14. Certified supplier for the Desjardins Group.

  15. Move the business to Montreal-North, in a larger industrial space.

  16. First space dedicated to the company, located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

  17. Founding of Infotronix in September 1994, in a house basement.


Since 1994, we have intervened where there was water damage, fires, system overloads in the Montreal area, in Lanaudière, the Laurentians, and the Montérégie on behalf of a majority of insurers, claims experts and restoration experts.

Decontaminating tens of computer devices contaminated by the Covid-19 virus for an organization.
On-site evaluation of hundreds of devices and restoration of 100 laptops following a major fire at a Montreal private school.
On site decontamination of a call center server rooms
We were on site to decontaminate server rooms and equipment, all within 72 hours, following a major fire in a large industrial plant in Pointe-Claire.
Onsite decontamination of hundreds of devices (almost 1000 devices and 10 floors) of a large commercial building on McGill College street.
Decontamination of electronic material belonging to a symbolic church in Montreal following water damage.
Clean up of approximately 30 on-site workstations for 2 days for a car dealership in Gatineau.
Uninstallation, storage and reinstallation of several workstations for the offices of a Quebec political party.
Official custodian of electronic devices.
We were on-site to decontaminate hundreds of workstations following water damage that occurred at the centre of provincial financial organism, for a Canadian military organisation, and for one of the oldest Cégep in Montréal.
We intervened at automobile dealerships, in hospitals and in various schools.
Following a series of major fires, we intervened at a bowling alley, and in numerous schools (projector screens, video poker machines, decontamination of cutting-edge devices).
We completed several commercial and industrial cases. We decontaminated hundreds of devices on multiple floors for a large commercial complex where multiple businesses have been affected. We also decontaminated on site almost 200 devices (computers, servers, …) for a toy manufacturer.
Within 48 hours, our team of experts was able to re-establish a call centre with more than 60 workstations.
We intervened at a police organisation in Montreal following a 10 floors water damage.
Hospital in Shawinigan: restoration of telemetry equipment in intensive care units that was affected by major water damage on the six floors.
CÉGEP in Limoilou: Assessment of equipment damaged by fire. Restoration of data and put in place a recovery plan.
CÉGEP in Drummondville: Restoration of computers in IT classrooms, as well as restoration of equipment in music rooms that were damaged by fire.
Restoration of computers and electronic equipment for an important building down-town on a majority of its floors.

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