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Our expertise covers all aspects related to the management of electronic devices and computers like restoration after a disaster and preventative maintenance.

After Disaster Restoration
We are leaders in the industry of after disaster – we specialize in the assessment, restoration and decontamination of electronic devices, computer equipment and appliances that are affected by a disaster.

We objectively support insurance companies and claims experts by providing them with detailed expert assessments that enable them to make fair and informed decisions in each case. We work closely with major companies that have trusted us over the years: insurance companies, adjusters, restoration experts, institutions, schools and hospitals. We are also there to help disaster victims through this difficult time. Our technicians are professional and courteous.
They clearly explain the process and the steps involved when we take charge of a case. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions or concerns linked to the condition of the devices, as well as explain the timeline for completion of the work.

Our electronic and computer restoration department works continuously on improving their procedures and techniques. State-of-the-art equipment is used which increases the efficiency and quality of our restoration work.

Assessment and Preventative Maintenance

Our services also include assessments, preventative maintenance and management of electronic devices and computer systems, electronic and industrial systems. With this in mind, our technical team continues to find innovative ways so you don’t have to interrupt your business practices, and we work on increasing the lifespan of your devices.

Our services
Increase the reliability of your equipment
Increase the lifespan of your devices and equipment
Reduce corrosion risks
Reduce costs of repairs and maintenance
Reduce the risk of fire

Here is a detailed list of the services we offer
Uninstallation, relocation and re-installation

Clean-up of operating IT equipment pollution

Preventative decontamination

Audit de plancher en conformité aux normes ISO 14644-1.
Floor assessment in compliance with ISO 14644-1 standards. Particle count 0,1 micron to 5 microns

Installation of IT protective equipment
Installation of IT protective equipment. Rental and installation of free-standing clean rooms with soft walls to minimize the introduction of particles inside the room.

Installation of IT protection equipment during renovations.
Installation of IT protective equipment. Rental and installation of free-standing clean rooms with soft walls to minimize the introduction of particles inside the room.

Analysis of the presence of whisker
Analysis of the presence of whisker. Several electronic failures (servers, routers, switches, SAN etc.) have been attributed to the phenomenon of zinc whiskers. The consequences range from innocuous problems to catastrophic failures. These microscopic filaments are highly conductive and cause electrical short circuits if they manage to fit into electronic equipment. This phenomenon is more common nowadays given the miniaturization of electronic circuits in servers. Our experts are there to help you in the maintenance of your system and in its smooth functioning.

Your data is also safe
It is securely returned to you if we are able to recover it. If data recovery is not possible, we will ensure that the data is protected until it is destroyed when the devices are recycled.

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