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After-Disaster Restoration
Regardless of the disaster - water damage, flood, fire, overload, lightening, wind, falls, vandalism - electronic devices, computers and appliances are generally affected. Infotronix’s 28 years of expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently assess your devices to see if they can be restored or if they should be replaced. Our specialized teams will determine if they can carry out the decontamination work on-site, or in our workshop according to well-established standards for removing stubborn odour or dirt, or they will proceed to replace the necessary parts and repair your devices - all with the full intention of bringing them back to their original condition.

We are committed to completing your assessment and restoration of material quickly. Below, the standard steps in treating a case:
  • Appointment scheduled to go on-site. Uninstallation, or dismantling of device if required
  • Secure transportation of devices to our workshops
  • Diagnosis and assessment of damage and restoration costs
  • Production of expertise report and replacement values
  • Decontamination or repair of devices after authorization
  • Storage
  • Delivery and re-installation

Our restoration department continually improves its procedures, techniques and equipment in order to offer an efficient and excellent restoration of your devices:
  • Water removal and drying of electronic devices and computers
  • Elimination of smoke odors
  • Elimination of ash particles
Furthermore, at Infotronix, there is no mix-up. Each device is clearly labeled and taken into inventory, in real time. We have sufficient room to store all electronic devices, until the disaster sites are restored and ready to receive the devices.

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians is always available to serve you!

We guarantee our work.

Our After-Disaster Restoration Services

Here is a detailed list of services we can offer you after a disaster (or Here is what we can do for you):
Evaluation, repair and restoration

Evaluation of replacement equivalent

Installation and disassembly

Secure transportation of your devices
Secure transportation of your devices is ensured thanks to our fleet of trucks and to our technicians specially trained for handling electronic devices and computer equipment.

Recovery and transfer of computer data with secure transmission of data

Cost estimates and production
Cost estimates and production of expertise reports and recommendations

Secure and heated storage
Secure and heated storage of equipment in a large, fully equipped warehouse. Our 7,450 square feet warehouse is dedicated entirely to computers, electronic devices and to specialized equipment.

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